Hip Hop Adlib Series so far - This is a new series of artwork I’m gonna be doing as it’s a little different from what I usually do and I randomly had the idea to design well known adlibs of Hip Hop artists in a pop art inspired style. More to come!

Into the storm

Some experiments I’ve been doing recently in Cinema 4D..trying out this low poly look! Loving how they’ve been coming out.

Been a while!

These are just some of the very few artist portraits I’ve done over the past couple months…there’s much more on my twitter! @JRDStudios

Just a little experiment I was doing over 2 days. Wanted to take two iconic fashion label logos and add my little artistic spin to it, think they came out good!

Bit of a throwback..

Still appreciate the love Adidas shown to my painting of the #zxflux I did a while back! 

Various @nike paintings I’ve done over the past couple months..I love to do sneaker art! 


This was just a random piece I completed early morning! I was inspired by a piece I seen on Behance as it was just so…simple and elegant so I wanted to make something that to me, is pure, simple and elegant so of course I went with my love for roses and chose a white rose and created this piece!


So as the title image says…this post is just my opinion on ego’s in the art industry.

As one who has grown up being in the art industry from a young age and going into my teenage years then approaching adult times, I have seen a lot of artists go and come. But recently something has been on my mind in regards to ego’s in the industry. In my own personal opinion, I honestly think having a too large for words (couldn’t think of a better saying for the term) of a ego is ruining the industry. These artists who have a too big of an ego won’t progress and stop themselves being able to collaborate with other artists where by there are artists (like myself if I do say so myself) whom ain’t exactly where they should be in regards of being known, are always humble yet still having a good ego enough to collaborate with other artists on a fair level. I honestly think..have too much ego will stop artists from progressing from where they currently are at where by again, artists who are always humbled will always progress.

This is just my personal views on this and while other’s may have other opinion’s on this and even my blog, these views are my own.

- JRD 3/6/14